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Let us make your occasion memorable!

Glitter Your World is the destination to get your personalized bottle and glasses at a fair price. 

We offer a superb variety of custom-designed bottles of wine and champagne as well as non-alcoholic beverages if you need a quality unique glass to compliment your drink we also carry Splendid variety of glasses that you can be personalized as per your taste and budget whether it is a wedding event or a child birthday party we offer customized bottles and glasses for every occasion 


Personal Gifts

Our stunning package consists of custom bottles and glasses that come together to make a charming present. We add a meaningful expression or quote on it that can enhance the pleasure of receiving a gift. 

Birthday Parties

Whether it is your father's 50th birthday or a  birthday bash for a friend, we can provide you with a personal bottle for the occasion. We also offer kids fun crafts for parties or events. 


Think outside the box when coming up with a unique custom bottle idea for your special day. Our glitter services will not only be an interesting gift but also remembrance of the occasion. 

Special Events

Are you planning a family get-together or a baby shower for your dearest sister? Let our creative professionals design beautiful and engaging bottles and glasses for your important event. We turn your creative ideas into reality. 



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My bottle came out perfect! Glitter Your World did amazing with my service. I love my custom bottle and shot glasses, I will definitely order a custom  bottle for my next event!


Glitter your world lets you bring your bottles in style! From kids to adults events, book your event or your kids craft party today!


Wow I am so impressed with glitter your world, they decorated my bottle just the way I asked them too.. highly recommended !

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